Academic Work

I’m a Postdoctoral Fellow in Advanced Biomedical Ethics at the Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy in the Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania. Profile

My CV can be found on my profile, in addition to pre-prints of publications as I make them available.

Publications for 2015:

  1. Nicholas G. Evans, “Research Misconduct: Computer and Information Sciences” Encyclopedia of Science and Technology Ethics (Volume 2) (Macmillan Reference: under contract)
  2. Nicholas G. Evans and Michael J. Selgelid, “Synthetic Biology” Encyclopedia of Global Bioethics (Springer, under contract)

Publications for 2014:

  1. Nicholas G. Evans and Jonathan D. Moreno, “Yesterday’s War; Tomorrow’s Technology: peer commentary on ‘Ethical, legal, social and policy issues in the use of genomic technologies by the U.S. Military,’” Law and Biosciences (forthcoming 2014).
  2. Nicholas G. Evans, “Valuing Knowledge: A Reply to Casadevall et. al” mBio 5:5 (2014), e01993-14 DOI: 10.1128/mBio.01993-14
  3. Nicholas G. Evans and Michael J. Selgelid, “Biosecurity and Open-Source Biology: the Promise and Peril of Distributed Synthetic Biological Technologies,” Science and Engineering Ethics (2014) DOI: 10.1007/s11948-014-9591-3.
  4. Nicholas G. Evans, Misconduct in Science,Ethics, Science, Technology, and Engineering: A Global Resource vol. II (Farmington hills MI, Macmillan Reference: 2015), pp. 125-127.
  5. Nicholas G. Evans, Shannon B. Ford, Adam C. Gastineau, Adam Henschke, Michael Keelty, Levi J. West, Cybersecurity: Mapping the Ethical Terrain (Canberra: National Security College Working Paper, 2014)

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